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megans wedding 1What we offer

Coastals members play at many different functions tailored to your requirements from that special touch at your wedding, corporate golf days, right through to special televised events with other musicians and bands.

The band provides pipers and drummers all over the state, with ongoing regional performances from Onslow to Esperance, not to mention the many metropolitan engagements.

The experience of our pipers is second to none, which ensures you get the best performance possible, the cost of inexperienced musicians playing at special occasions is just too high!

What will it cost?

The rule of thumb is $400.00 for a metropolitan performance such as a wedding or corporate engagement, however factors such as travel, time of the week, rehearsal requirements and peak demand will invariably alter the costing. For a detailed quote please contact the band on the contacts page.

I can get a piper cheaper

Yes you can. BUT the quality of pipers and drummers varies significantly, with some pipers offering their services which are very much of an unprofessional and substandard level. The question is, would you want your special day, or event ruined by a substandard bagpiper?

here’s an example of a bad wedding experience with a bagpiper….

Example of a BAD bagpiper