Back to Practice

Coastals have been busy with new material and are back to practice for the upcoming year. This year has seen the establishment of a Tuesday “Skills night” where players of all levels can focus on technique, tune structure, blowing technique and timing to be the best they can be. Tuition is provided and new players of all levels are welcomed!

Contact the Pipe Major for more information on Mob: 0419 908 752

2 thoughts on “Back to Practice

  1. I would love to learn the bagpipes dye to my Scottish heritage. I can read music and extremely keen. Do you just start with a pipe then progress to the fill bagpipe setup???


    1. Hi Scott, we absolutely do teach pipes and drums. We have a skills night on Tuesday for band members to work on technique and individual skills, but also have people available for one on one tuition. Pipers normally start on a practice chanter to get some fingers going. Give our pipe major a call on 0419908652, and we’ll get you underway.!!


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